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Find and Fix Your Swimming Pool Leak

Here at Find It – Northridge Swimming Pool Leak Detection and Repair, we specialize exclusively in knowing how to find and repair swimming pool leaks. Above all else, our company values open communication and education of our clients throughout our process. We’re so confident we’ll find your leak, that we offer you our Find It Guarantee: We’ll Find the Leak, or It’s Free!

Pool Leak Detection

Northridge Swimming Pool Leak Detection and Repair – Our Service

A leaking pool can be a very stressful situation- one that wastes large amounts of both water, and the homeowner’s time and money. A small leak in your pool of just ¼” can lose 100 gallons of water/day or more. Over time, small leaks can lead to much larger ones. Finding and repairing pool leaks as soon as they have been noticed is very important to maintaining the integrity of your swimming pool or spa. The Bucket Test is a simple, 24-hour test that will tell you for certain whether your pool is leaking, or just losing water to evaporation - Click Here for our simple step-by-step directions. At Find It, we are able to find difficult swimming pool leaks through our rigorous Leak Detection process. Some leaks that are structural in nature, we are able to repair the same day, and whenever possible we offer our clients multiple options on how they may proceed with the repairs that are needed. At the completion of our Leak Detection service, you will receive a highly detailed Leak Detection Report, outlining the exact condition of your swimming pool. We offer residential and commercial services, as well as Swimming Pool Inspections Pre and Post Closing. Please contact us today so that we can help you find and fix your swimming pool leak in Northridge: 1-800-790-5406

Our Find It – Northridge Swimming Pool Leak Guarantee

We are so confident in our locally-based, highly-trusted Swimming Pool Leak Detection Specialists, that we offer our Find It Guarantee – We’ll find the leak, or it’s free! It’s simple – no strings attached, no asterisks’, no small-print – If we don’t find the leak in your pool or spa, then the service is 100% free. Please contact us today so that we can help you find and fix your swimming pool leak: 1-800-790-5406

Causes of Swimming Pool Leaks – Northridge

Swimming pool leaks may happen overnight or they may slowly develop over years due to one or more of a variety of causes. Swimming pool construction methods and materials have varied greatly over time and also between different areas. Many swimming pool leaks are caused due to issues from outdated designs or materials which were used to build the pool. It’s also possible that recent construction work done around the pool has caused a leak, if it was done poorly. Over time, even well-built swimming pools can begin leaking. One large reason pool leaks begin is because of the soil conditions surrounding your pool. The clay soil found in California and in Northridge tends to expand and contract due to changes in moisture levels, and this gradual process can lead to cracks forming in the structure of your pool. Cracks in the structure that spring leaks can also be formed by the roots of trees, slowly growing out towards the water. Even lightning strikes around a pool can cause cracks and further leaks. In Northridge, there is another steady cause of swimming pool leaks – seismic activity. Most earthquakes in California and Northridge are so small that the residents never feel them. However, these small quakes all add up and will lead to leaks in swimming pools very often. All this small, gradual seismic activity causes movement in and around the pool, which is why during any of these earthquakes leaks can begin. Larger earthquakes can even also cause fault rupture, landslides, flooding, and mudslides. After any earthquake, we recommend you should always do The Bucket Test to check your pool for any leaks.

Northridge – A Brief History

Northridge is a 10 square mile neighborhood located in the San Fernando Valley. Northridge is most well-known these days as the home of California State University, Northridge a fully-accredited state college that offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in a multitude of disciplines. Northridge contains the Devonshire Downs stadium, which was the site of two of the most famous music festivals in America’s history. The most notable is the Newport Pop Festival, which was the inspiration for (and some say was better than) Woodstock. Northridge’s history was changed forever in 1994, when a 6.7 magnitude struck just outside the city limits and shook Los Angeles and its surrounding areas worse than any other earthquake since then. If you believe your swimming pool in Northridge has a leak, please contact one of our Northridge swimming pool leak detection specialists today. 1-800-790-5406